Get Involved


We believe the local church is the hope for the world and we value deeply our local church partnerships. There are numerous ways for your congregation to get involved with The Hadassah Group.

  • Club Sponsorship – Churches or small groups within the church can commit to sponsoring a club for one or more months. This would entail gathering gifts for the month or donating financially to support the month. Our leadership team will meet with your church or small group to discuss all the details.
  • Prayer Partner – The Hadassah Group was started out of prayer and will only be sustained through the power of prayer. During each monthly outreach, we have a group of individuals praying for our team during the duration of the outreach. Churches can partner to come to our monthly prayer time or organizing a prayer team to pray for us on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Awareness – The Hadassah Group would love to come speak at your small group or church service about what we do, the realities of the sex industry, and how you can get involved to help change that reality.


Individuals can volunteer to be a peer mentor, be on the prayer team, join the outreach team, or be on the care team (help plan and gather items for the monthly outreaches). In addition, we would love any creative idea you have to further the ministry. Most volunteer positions will require an application and short interview process.

Businesses & Non-profits

Businesses and non-profits can partner with us by donating goods or services, time, or opportunity. Some examples include- job training and opportunity, health care, child care, gifts for the clubs etc.